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Facilities for both days of the fair


In the table below you can find an overview of the options and costs for participating the Volvo Classic Fair 2023.

Mentioned costs are incl. 21% VAT

Floor space (3x4m) excl. admission € 80
Floor space (3x4m) with stall, excl. admission € 100
Car sale place (3.5x5m), excl. admission € 80
Bootsale (3.5x7m), excl. admission (1) € 80
Admission ticket per day saterday or sunday (2) € 15
Electricity (220V, max 8A) € 40
Banner (alternately) on homepage € 40
Text to be included on list of participants on (3) € 40
(1) Open trailer only, maximum four meters including drawbar.
(2) Included admission during build up and opening hours.
(3) Additional company info, max. 40 words