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Regulations for the Volvo Klassieker Beurs 2023


  • Purpose of the fair.

Purpose of the Volvo Klassieker Beurs (VKB) is to offer a sociable and attractive event which is, easily accessible for every Volvo Classic Car lover. The VKB is a non-profit event that pursues a balanced operation.

  • Organisation.

The VKB is an event of the “Volvo Klassieker Vereniging” and is organized under their responsibility by the VKB-team which consists of volunteers who are member of one of the Dutch Volvo Clubs. They receive no compensation other than reimbursement of expenses made.

  • Offers at the fair.

At the fair, individuals and businesses will offer and show Volvo classic cars and parts and other related items such as lubricants, tools, literature and miniatures. The participating Volvo Clubs will provide information about their organisations and activities. Experts will give technical information and instructions on tuning, maintenance, repair and things like proper usage of tools.

  • Fair participation.

Participation is open to everyone underlining our mission statement as mentioned above . Information about participation can be found on the VKB website Registration means, amongst other things, that the applicant consents to and complies with the provisions and requirements of these Regulations.


Article 1.

The VKB-team and the “Volvo Klassieker Vereniging” reject any liability for damage by whatever name and in the broadest sense of the word, directly or indirectly suffered by fair participants, their personnel, visitors or any other third party. Damage here also includes any consequential damages, including consequential loss, damage from lost sales or profits etc., as well as damage caused by theft, vandalism or any other cause whatsoever.

Article 2.

Directions concerning the organisation and execution of the VKB given by individual members of the VKB-team are to be followed immediately and unconditionally. When not following directions, a participant / visitor can be ordered to refrain from (further) participation / visit and this may lead to removal from the fair grounds of both persons and movable property.

Article 3.

Participants are first entitled to the facilities requested after payment of the amount due. Payment must be made before the date specified. For failure to pay in time, the required facilities can be assigned to other participants. When in doubt about late payment, at the discretion of the VKB-team, payment must be done at the fair in cash. The VKB-team ensures that overpaid participation fee will be refunded ASAP.

Article 4.

The VKB-team is responsible for the layout of the exhibition halls, the fairgrounds and the allocation of plots. Participants set up their place so that the unobstructed view of surrounding places does not get obstructed. This by final assessment of the VKB-team. It is not permitted to store or display, movables outside a hired floor space, partly in terms of safety.

Emergency exits must be kept clear at all times.  Obstructions to the emergency exits must be removed immediately on the instructions of the exhibition team.

Article 5.

Participants can only use the fair facilities as agreed upon confirmation of registration If the VKB- team finds that this is not the case, the additional facilities will be settled in cash, or the participant is summoned to bring the facilities in accordance with the inscription. Participants should be present during all opening hours of the VKB. Pre departure will only be agreed upon after consulting the VKB - team.

Article 6.

Vehicles other than Volvo passenger cars are not allowed in the exhibition halls and/or on the fairgrounds without prior written permission by the VKB- team. Boot sales are only permitted from a Volvo passenger car or an open trailer with a maximum length of five meters including drawbar, which must be present during opening hours at the car boot sales site.

Article 7.

During the opening hours of the fair, it is not allowed to drive cars through the halls, neither pushed nor on its own. This for the safety of participants and visitors. Test run of engines in the Expodome hall is not allowed.

Article 8.

Participants shall ensure that vehicles are parked in the manner specified by the VKB- team and that no fluids leak from vehicles. Using means against pollution of the soil, provided by the VKB- team, is required.

Article 9.

In case of detected leakages from vehicles by member of the VKB-team, the vehicle shall immediately be removed from the fairgrounds by the owner / seller and, if necessary, through the intermediary of the VKB- team. All costs, associated with the removal of the leakage, are at the expenses of the person responsible. .

Article 10.

It is not allowed to tape, chop, crush, drill or nail on or in floors, walls or ceilings, columns etc.. Damage caused by a participant / visitor will be for the account and risk of the offender to be restored.

Article 11.

Decoration of a stand should not pose a fire risk and in case of fire should not generate heavy smoke. Decoration must be kept free from sources of heat and be placed in such a way that the safety markings / arrows remain clearly visible and the use of escape is not hindered.

Article 12.

Participants are prohibited to have articles or substances in the exhibition halls and on the fairgrounds that may cause fire hazard or in case of fire, dangerous situations and or may hinder alarms and fire fighting and can cause annoying or harmful noise / vibration, odour, smoke, soot, smoke or dust to the environment. The use of hay / straw, combustible packaging and open fires are not permitted.

Article 13.

A car in the exhibition halls must not contain more than 5 litres of fuel and the battery poles should be disconnected.

Article 14.

Participants / visitors are not allowed to sell or provide for free, drinks or foods.

Article 15.

Assembly, dismantling and clearing of places is allowed only at the indicated times. The VKB- team monitors compliance with regard to the safety and ambience of the fair

Article 16.

At the end of the VKB, participants submit their exhibition facilities in the same state as when they were made available. Cost of repair of damage, pollution or missing items identified by the VKB- team, will be completely passed on to the person responsible.

Article 17.

Participants should take care of proper disposal of waste materials unless the VKB - team provides a proper facility.

Article 18.

It is not allowed to stay overnight, neither in the exhibition hall nor in the outdoor field. There is no security outside opening hours.

Article 19.

With registration for the VKB 2023, the participant acknowledges compliance with these fair Regulations. Questions regarding these Regulations should be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

March 2023,

Organization Volvo Klassieker Beurs 2023.